The BITZ unibz fablab is a Community Workshop for hobbyist, researchers and students in Bozen

„Roland MDX-40A“ is a 3 axis milling machine for wood, styrofoam and plastic. The maximum spindle rotan is 15.000 rpm. There are various drill bits available. You can use the CAM software of the machine to set up the toolpath or generate the .gcode in „Fusion 360 CAM“.

Always ask the fablab team before using the machine and we will give you all necessary information about working safety.

Maximum workpiece size: 305 (X) x 305 (Y) x 105 (Z) mm



You need a digital 3D model that you can export in .STL format.


Special CAM software is available.


wood, styrofoam, plastics


6,00 €/h for students
12,00 €/h for external user

For more information consult our price list.