The BITZ unibz fablab is a Community Workshop for hobbyist, researchers and students in Bozen

Embroidery machine „Brother VR“ with one needle and manual thread/colour change. The maximum embroidery area is 200 x 200mm. On the touchscreen display of the machine, you can write small words or select embroidery designs from a library. If you want to stitch custom designs, you need to create the embroidery path in the „PFAFF PREMIER+™2 Ultra“ embroidery software available at the fablab. As template we usually prepare a .EPS vector file, but for some designs also pixel files like .JPG or .PNG work great. 

There are a lot of accessories like different frame sizes, a special frame for baseball caps or a quilting frame and table available.  

Once a month takes place a machine course to learn how to operate the machine and the embroidery software.



You need a vector or pixel file (.EPS .JPG .PNG) or select a template for fonts and graphics from the library.


Please attend a embroidery machine course, the software is really complicated.


textiles, fabrics, t-shirt, sweater, caps


2,00 € for a large frame
1,00 € for a small frame