The BITZ unibz fablab is a Community Workshop for hobbyist, researchers and students in Bozen

EinScan Pro 2x Plus is a 3D scanner from Shining 3D. It can be used to create 3D models of real objects.

With this scanner you can:

  • Scan objects freehand or with the turntable in high accuracy and resolution
  • Capture the color and texture of the surface
  • Scan in automatic and manual modes
  • Merge multiple scans to capture large objects

Suitable for industrial inspection, reverse engineering, prototyping, digital archiving, and more.



The software creates a point cloud that can be exported as OBJ or STL.


The software „EXScan Pro“ is preinstalled at the Fablab computer. Tutorials for the software can be found on the internet.


Pretty much everything.
Note:  transparent or reflective objects can`t be seen by the scanner. Very small and thin texture like hair is hard to capture.


2,00 € per machine use