The BITZ unibz fablab is a Community Workshop for hobbyist, researchers and students in Bozen

60W CO2 laser for cutting and engraving various materials such as plastics, wood, and cardboard. Working area: 814×508 mm
Templates: CAD, vector graphics, images, and photos for engraving.


For cutting, you need vector graphics like DXF, PDF, EPS, SVG…
For engraving, you need raster graphics JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF…


Different vector softwares and also the software to send jobs to the lasercutter is available on the computers of the Fablab.


Cardboard, wood and plastics, plexiglass.

Not to be cut:

  • Metals
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other chlorine compounds that can emit toxic chlorine gas fumes.
  • Lacquers and solvents, which may emit toxic fumes.
  • Rubber and other elastic materials that can emit toxic fumes.

The costs depend on the material required and the time needed.

For more information consult our price list.


  • Lines to be cut: Hairline or line thickness less than 0.01mm
  • Lines for a specific order or different settings when cutting on different layers with different colors.
  • Arrange objects to save space. Objects can have common edges.
  • No double lines. Most materials burn more when cut a second time.


  • Engraving single color: lines > 0.15mm or areas. Color black 100%.
  • Engraving graphics or photos: black and white; high contrast; high contrast object foreground to background.
  • Arrange areas/texts to be engraved horizontally at the same height (is faster).

File format
We mainly use Rhino 7.0 and Illustrator CS6 to send the files to the Lasercutter.
All vector graphics and 2D CAD formats that these 2 programs can open. (PDF, AI, DXF, SVG, DXF, DWG)